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Watson Home

The Watson family home in Whanganui is a stellar example of innovative, technology informed modern construction applied in a residential context, resulting in a home that is sustainable in day to day energy consumption, livability, comfort and health.

This home is uniquely designed and hand crafted to suit the family’s needs, and behind every architectural decision is consideration for the overall effect on the energy performance of the home.  Designed by eHaus using their Passive Performance modelling system, and constructed by Simon Penn Building, the Watson family home meets remarkably high standards for air tightness and energy performance, achieved through well considered window and door product choices, along with high attention to detail in manufacturing and installation.

The home features thermally broken double glazed windows throughout, with high performing, larger-than-standard spacers.  The low-E Argon filled glazing units coupled with the European ventilation system ensures no condensation and an effective thermal solution for a home which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Collaboration, committed attention to detail and excellence in manufacturing and construction was at the heart of effectively executing the innovation-led design and meeting the high performance targets for the home.

The home achieved an air tightness rating of 0.53 ACHn50, which is exceptional when compared to a typical new home that will test between 3-5 ACHn50 and a Villa 25-30 ACHn50. Modelling indicated the home achieved a rating of R50 – considerably higher than the new H1 requirement of R37.  This energy saving is forecast by eHaus to equate to a reduction of more than 2400kg in carbon emissions per annum, compared to a new code-built home of the same size in the same climate region.   This project is proof that it is both theoretically and practically possible to achieve and exceed residential building standards using New Zealand made, high performing aluminium window products.

This project was awarded the overall Sustainability award, at the 2022 Window and Glass Association Awards.

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